Hourly Studio Rate
Each individual hour of studio rental. (Includes House Engineer).


Three-Hour Block
A three-hour block is a way to save time and money. This option is ideal for those artist that need little preparation and have already written and/or produced the project(s) they are recording.


Block Out (12 hours) 
A block out is ideal for those artist and producers that have multiple task to accomplish or want to complete several projects in one session. Creativity is far more enjoyable when there are fewer time constraints. The studio is their home for the day.


At the end of a session it always feels good to leave with a copy of your work for the day. No problem. Each session is arranged to allow time for what we consider a “rough mix”. This is a basic leveling and balancing of music and/or vocal tracks to audition the recording and takes approx. 10-15 min. per recording. However a quality sound comes from a quality mix. Compression, gates, automation, music drops, effects, noise reduction, etc. all make up the professional sound we all seek to hear in our recorded productions. These quality mixes can take hours to complete. Chamberz will analyze your project and give you one flat rate for your mixing. Chamberz Studio has received complements on our mixing from several major record label reps. You are always welcome to book studio time to mix your songs at the hourly rate.

Average Mix Cost $50.00-$150.00

Per Mix.

Production Assistance
Have you ever had an idea in your head but just can’t seem to explain how it sounds? Chamberz can provide assistance in realizing your own creative ideas. This, however is not included in the studio rental rate as it is considered production assistance. 

I need help arranging the vocals in my song.
I know how the beat goes, but I just can’t play it.

$10.00 per hr.

Chamberz has a listing of music tracks, known as the "Trax Station", you may purchase to record your vocals over. (Often time you may find music with no price attached.)Music is leased under contract conditions. See studio owner for a more detailed explanation.

Call for info.

Edit video, sync music with video and transfer videos to DVD. Call for video information and pricing.

Call for info.


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